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DIY Personalisation

I'm asked so many times for additional stencils so you can paint personalisation on for new members of the family or an extra little quote on the bottom of your Family Rule I thought i'd get them live on the website!

They are available in the following options (for you to do yourself, at home):

So you can paint on the text yourself and peel back to reveal the personalisation. 

A durable adhesive that can be simply applied to your Family Rule like a sticker (we recommend using a clear varnish topcoat to ensure it won't be picked off by little fingers)

Paints & Instructions
The stencil option comes with black chalk paint and a little brush.  Both decal and stencil options have full instructions on how to apply them properly.

You will need to source your own paint if you would like to use different colours for the stencils. I recommend using Annie Sloan Chalk Paints as they adhere beautifully to the wood.

Please allow up to 10 days for these to be delivered as we order stencils in batches once a week.


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